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    It was a long time in the making, but the new Forge server is complete. With a little over 80 mods, there is a lot to do (a complete list will be available soon), but the general theme is technology and adventure. We have Aether II, Applied Energistics 2, Factorization, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Thaumcraft, and more. We are using Minecraft 1.7.10 because it is much more stable and has a lot more awesome mods available. Once 1.10.2, or so, has had more time to become stable we will upgrade to that, but until then we are sticking with 1.7.10.

    We are using Technic Pack to host our modpack, so for those already familiar with that, here's what you need to get started (but read below for tips):


    For those new to using the Technic Launcher, you can download it here <> and login (don't forget to use your email address if your Minecraft account is attached to Mojang, which it should be!).
    Once logged in, I suggest changing the amount of Memory your client has access to by clicking on Launcher Options at the top right
    Then clicking on the JAVA SETTINGS tab and setting Memory from 2-4GB depending on how much available RAM you have on your system. (If you only have 4GB of RAM on your computer, you may want to set it to 2GB at most, but if you have 8GB+ I suggest 4GB of RAM). In the end, the more memory Minecraft has access to, the less likely Minecraft will have to load resources onto your hard disk, which has a very slow fetching time compared to RAM and this will slow your game down immensely. Of course, at a certain point Minecraft won't need any more space, so allocating too much might just hurt more than help as your computer needs access to RAM as well.

    After this is done, at the top left enter in the Modpack URL above into the 'Add Pack or Search' field or search for MiNECREATE - The Darkness and install that pack.

    After this, we HIGHLY suggest installing OptiFine for general performance improvements. To get that, go to and find Downloads. We will want the Minecraft 1.7.10 OptiFine 1.7.10 HD U D4 version. The D6 version will crash the client, so do not install that version.
    After downloading that, granted you have Technic installed to the default place (which can be found under Launch Options > General Settings > Install Folder), go to AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\minecreate-darkness\mods (a quick way to find AppData is to type %appdata% into Windows "Run" program). Place the downloaded OptiFine mod here.

    The only other suggestion we can make is to make sure you have the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) x64 or 64-bit installed. Without getting the 64-bit version, you will not be able to allocate more than 2-4GB of RAM to Minecraft (depending on video card memory). If doing an upgrade, make sure to uninstall your previous version of Java first, then install the new version after rebooting.

    After this, you are ready to play! Please send us any suggestions or complaints you have in the Suggestions & Feedback section of the forums. We spent a lot of time to make sure the experience will go smoothly, but with over 80 mods, there is a lot of material that didn't get tested. Also, if there are any features that you don't have access to in the current mods, petition that they be added in the Suggestions & Feedback section and we will consider it. See you all on the server!
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  2. Charlie

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    That was beautiful. :')

    Looking forward to being back on Minecreate
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  3. AJ

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    We will eventually be advertising more publicly about this server, but for now we wanted to see how many from the older servers would join and maybe give some feedback.
    Glad to see you're still here though :). Let me know if you run into trouble trying to join. Some others were, but we should be able to get it fixed.
  4. 253910

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    the video you added is mildly creepy, and i'm glad to see you're not dead! :) Hopefully I'll see you around on the server!
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  5. AJ

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    Yeah, there might not be many people right now, but that should hopefully change when we start advertising on more sites. But in the meantime, try to hop online and let me know if you have any issues. The server isn't going to run perfectly for everyone as all these mods are going to require a lot of resources from your computer, but hopefully we can figure out something to make it playable for at least most people.
  6. Derrick

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  7. 253910

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    is there anyway to lock chests like there had been a lot of the older servers?
  8. AJ

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    Right now, the mods we have for protections are disabled because they require an economy to be setup and we haven't done that yet. That said, I don't think there is a direct way to lock a chest that I know, but it should be possible to stop people from entering chests once these protections have been enabled.

    Due to the vast amount of features granted by all of these mods, there might be a way to lock chests that I'm unaware, so you could do some research on your own. In game, type /modlist and check out all the mods we have. A good place to start if a chest by itself can be protected is MyTown or ForgeEssentials.
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    K ty AJ. I'll look into it.
  10. Craig

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    Looks cool. When I have a decent chunk of time i'll check it out.
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  11. Craig

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    looks like this is my game until mass effect comes out

    i've tried downloading twice now and it tells me this, not sure what to make of it

    edit - ignore that, it installed after a 3rd try but now when i enter the ip provided i get this
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  12. Derrick

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    We know about it - problem with these elaborate mod packs is anything can bork at any time. AJ is on it. More than on it. He's practically molesting it.

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  13. 253910

    253910 New Member

    any idea about even maybe when the server might be back up?

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