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In case you guys haven't heard, there was a recent bug with openSSL called the Heartbleed bug. Well, it just to happens that AWS (Amazon Web Services) uses openSSL and was vulnerable to this exploit. AWS is used to handle Minecraft account hosting, so in turn all the Minecraft accounts were at a risk of being stolen through the use of this exploit.

If you haven't already, migrate your Minecraft accounts to https://mojang.com/ and change your password! This is very important if you do not want to lose your account! You...
by Derrick at 2:27 PM
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Alright, so first thing's first. We're still working on The Promised Land, and I'll take this opportunity to tell you more about it.

But BEFORE that...1.7.6? Yeah, it's not an incremental update. Which means 1.7.6 clients will not be able to play on 1.7.5 servers - so a good plan of action, for continued play, would be to not update - or update under a different profile using the Minecraft launcher. :)

Anywho, what is The Promised Land? Let me start by answering a few questions I've received.

Is it still survival?
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Perhaps not so new, but we have to bring back an old rule regarding doing things for other people when you have creative mode. The Premium member group was designed for the person who has it to be the one who benefits from all it's features. This means that someone with and in creative mode cannot be building and giving things to people without creative mode. However, Premium members can still do things for other players as long as it is using materials gotten from survival mode. There are of course some discrepancies where we will not...
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A few people have been asking where the downloads of the previous server maps are. Well, I've finally had the chance to upload them to a couple good mirrors; Mediafire and locally hosted on this website. Please use the mediafire ones first, and if for any reason those mirrors are down (they shouldn't be, but if), use the local ones. Soon, this post and these links will be moved to our wiki. So look out for that.

For the 2013 maps, see here:
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To address the problem of people tricking another player to travel with them under the pretense they are safe to do so in the wilderness (PvP zones) and then killing them, we are implementing a new rule that will make that punishable by revoking certain server rights or a temp ban. The term that will describe this will be called luring and any player caught doing this will be dealt with accordingly.

To report a player for this, you must make a topic on the forums and specify the date and time (including timezone) that this happened, and...
by Derrick at 1:56 PM
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Tonight (Wednesday) the Sanctuary server will be taken down. We'll be opening up the new server, which we have dubbed "The Citadel" on Friday night. We've been working on it, and we're almost done:) Tell your friends, share the info. Let's get this up and running guys! Any advertising help is greatly appreciated.

After that, we have a big project we're working on.

UPDATE: We're up! :) We're going to be on this map indefinitely, or at least until Mojang decides to screw us over with another holy christ map generation engine. Now that we're...